Kalla LouWhen I was a kid I was constantly doing some craft work. My family always gave me crayons, water colors and paper for birthdays and Christmas.

Back in my time craft was not well supported in school. The girls had to learn to knit and sew; only the boys were working with wood and other materials. And what we had to sew and knit was not exactly what I call creative. Can you imagine a 14-year-old girl sewing and wearing a very feminine blouse?

In my early adulthood I kept taking various classes like pottery, glass fusing, jewellery making and airbrushing.
My husband is a trained glass designer and artist and supports all of my creative projects.

In 2002 we left Switzerland to sail around the world but settled in Grenada. If you ever have the chance to come and visit Grenada, you will know why we ended our trip in Grenada. Grenada is simply beautiful!

To make a living I work as a web designer and craft projects were pushed back. Thanks to my friend the great artist Susan Mains, who owns the gallery Art and Soul in Grenada, I picked up my craft again. Needless to say that I just love being creative!!!!

Where to get my craft

In Grenada you can buy my work at
Art and Soul
Kachi Boutique Grenada
On Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/KallaLou

Please send me a message if you are interested in custom made pieces.

With love from Grenada
Kalla Lou